MELD is a participatory event for improvisers of all art forms: music, dance, visual art, theatre, spoken word,

hosted by Rachel Cohen

The idea of MELD is to bring together artists and performers from these various disciplines and play together.

We play instruments and everyday objects. We use our voices, texts, our bodies and the space around us.

MELD is itinerant: we meet in different places and different times of day or week. Suggestions for venues are always welcome. It’s either free or very cheap to participate.

MELD is not a gig. There is no audience - everyone who comes is a participant.

To take part you don't need to be a professional artist or performer. Just to be open to improvising. There will be some structures to work with. It’s not aimed at children, more about allowing adults to indulge in childlike play.

MELD is different every time because it depends who comes and because it’s all about improvising.

There are no photos or video on this page because everything we do at MELD is unrecorded. It’s about a live experience.