holding the fort  2019

An exhibition revisiting the extraordinary, atmospheric 19th Century fort that was the site of my 2013 exhibition Vessels. I invited five other artist who work with sculpture, installation, drawing and performance, to join me making site specific works inspired by the themes and the physical spaces of the Fort.

Zoe Toolan   Judith Alder    Helen Goodwin    Ram Samocha   Terrence Brett     Part of Newhaven Festival

Below are images of some of the installations I made. Other works included sound and performance: a solo vocal installation, and a very special site-specific MELD with 12 participants.

Colour-Coded. a collection of painted and glazed ceramic sculptures arranged alongside the 6 inch shells in the Fort collection. The bright colours used are not decoration, these are the original colours these shells would have been painted to indicate the type of explosives they contained.

Survivor. unglazed ceramic, glue, wood.

Displayed opposite Wrecks; a small solitary boat, marooned and broken, but also repaired

Wrecks. printing ink on maritime chart. (detail above right)

A training chart, showing the English channel from Newhaven to Calais, embellished by the artist with red boat-shaped stamps to indicate all the, surprisingly numerous, wrecks under this section of the sea.

(photo Bernard G Mills)

Sea Wall. still from video

The artist, solitary and precarious, walks at the border of land and sea.