re-discoveries 2012

some of the ceramic boats placed amongst the collections of Native American culture, fossils and musical instruments at Hastings Museum

left and below - Cohen’s Vessels and Azevedo’s ‘Potteries’ side by side

two of the artist’s plaster moulds were also on display alongside moulds in the museums’s collection

and amongst themed displays about childhood, marriage and death in the Museum’s  Durbar Hall 

A collaboration between Rachel Cohen and Brazilian artist Gisel Carriconde Azevedo  centred around museums collections.

For Hastings Museum each artist created new works that touched themes of travel and acquisition, craft and materials.

Working in ceramics for the first time, Cohen made Vessels, a fleet of 70 small, slip-cast boats. These were placed amongst the displays throughout the museum reflecting the content of the cabinets and inviting visitors on a trail of discovery. Meanwhile Azevedo created a collection of synthetic ‘Pottery’.

At Viana do Castelo the artists made work in response to a museum of costume Yoke/Canga